About us


Pub/motel Smakų Smakas is located near Šiauliai. The complex is near the trunk road Šiauliai – Palanga (A11). It is a place to celebrate your most beautiful life events, your warmest get-togethers and your most memorable moments.

The pub Smakų Smakas ir oriented towards the quality of food and flawless service. The kitchen offers European and Lithuanian dishes.


Smakų Smakas was opened in 2008. Old-fashioned bricks were used for the construction of the main building of the pub, as well as the elements of fachwerk style. The motel is included into coherent and complete architectural ensemble. There are up to 40 beds. Up to 250 people can visit the pub at once.

Both buildings are related by identical chimneys of old-fashioned red bricks. They can be seen from far way and invites you to come to the pub/motel Smakų Smakas.

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